Invading the World Since 1996.


CiberSheep started their world invasion more than fifteen years ago and will not stop until Earth is under the control of their music.


Glam Dance Rock.

False eyelashes, dance beats and loud guitars.

CiberSheep is an unusual band: Strong oriental image, sci-fi taste and music that mixes dance beats with heavy guitars.


Shocking Shows.

Live concerts are conceived as live video clips or as brief musicals. Shows are one surprise after another with constant costume changes, that don’t leave anybody indifferent.


CiberSheep | foto:

Gossip & Story

It’s been said that real members of CiberSheep died in a tragic accident. Gogo-sán, the go-go dancer, travelled in time to avoid that but it failed in its mission. The only solution that it found, to reconstruct the band, was make clones of the real members from some DNA samples that it was able to collect.

Khirn (CiberSheep‘s archenemy), a humanoid from another dimension, was brought up in the attempt to dominate the world. She not only wants to control Humanity, she do wants to do it with a total infection. To accomplish her purpose, she destroys every clone that steps into her way, in a long battle for power.

Gogo-sán and CiberSheep Vermell fall badly wounded. The only hope is that CiberSheep Blau with his uncountable copies of himself is able to rescue them. BUT, this is easier to say than to do and Khirn get to completely destroy Gogo-sán, knock out CiberSheep Vermell and make that all CiberSheeps Blaus get lost in between dimensions.


CiberSheep | Ninja Púrpura CiberSheep | HoTa dancers Cibersheep | Nou Gogo-sán


It is not known how (it’s believed with a special device) but the timeline changed brutally. What does this mean? That the members of the band changed to their most probable quantum copies. So, we will find a new Gogo-sán, and its counterpart antimatter copy: GogoGirl.

And what about CiberSheep Blau? Where is CiberSheep Blau? His most probable quantum copy is the Ninja Púrupura.

How is this story going to end? Don’t miss the new chapters of the comic.




Trobat en es carrer

CiberSheep is the main participant and founder in 2005 of “Trobat en es carrer” movement giving part of their work.