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More characters?

It’s true, I didn’t tell much from next concert. Sorry
You know, Lieutenant Navarro only shows up through her intercomm. But what you didn’t know is that in the next gig she’s going to send a spy uncovered as Gogo-Girl. That spy will even try to substitute her. Presented as Pink Poison, Doc Pink Poison. Soft and naive in appearance, but she will be the spy that will try to steal the plans of our spaceship.
That sounds as a great new episode in CiberSheep’s soap opera.

However, you have nothing to worry about. Gogo-Girl, the most probable quantic Gogo-san option has her own natural weapons and skills. You will see.

In any how, I never told you who is behind everything. And that’s because it’s not easy to talk about the most modern and powerful computer from this, and other worlds. S.H.A.D.E. (from Catalan: Evoluted Designed Hybrid Audovisual System) is the responsible of everything in CiberSheep. She’s the one that pull the strings, the one that has everything set and ready. S.H.A.D.E. is a computer system that evolved from a mobile app. Took self-concience and intelligence gathering information, during last years, though the net. She would be really scary if it wasn’t for her sexy voice.

Right… what about Nina Púrpura? It is the most probable quantic option from CiberSheep Blau. And it seems that options are in its side. It will be gossip again. Everyone will talk about it while they got under its influence and follows its intructions.

Are you going to talk about the HoTeros? There’s little more to say about this traditional Mallorquin dancer. Old flokloric music danced as “it should be danced” but at 4×4. All with the house flavour. Hey, don’t sit down: stand up and join them in the dance.

This is it. Well, there’s much more but you will have to come on Friday to see it.

Image: CyberChristFF CC3.0 By-NC-ND


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