CiberSheep @ 7th anniversary of Velvetine Collective

Saturday 8th CiberSheep will play at the Col·lectiu Velvetine seventh anniversary.

What we will do on this gig? How will we dress? Wich songs will we play? Ah, you’ll have to come over.

CiberSheep | Ninja PúrpuraNinja Púrpura


What we can say is that we will play some new covers, we will dance, xupri xupri and we wil have japanese people, lots of japanese people.

CiberSheep | Balladors de HoTa

Cibersheep | Nou Gogo-sán

Gogo-girl, Ninja Púrpura, HoTeros, CiberSheep Vermell, masks, kimonos, guitars.
We will bring t-shirts, discs and bags. All the officila merchandising.

Get all information at the facebook event.

cibersheep al concert de Velvetine


Velvetine Anniversary

We kept it secret, but as a good secret.
Seventh anniversay of the colective Velvetine. 8th of March.

Announce at 40 putes


CiberSheep @ Hotel Segles ArtNit Campos

Friday 2nd. 23h. Free

CiberSheep strikes back. One more year, Art Nit + CiberSheep. It will be an unforgetable night. Art + Gin tonic tasting + Tapas + And a great party.

We will give and do everything. We will have the “Ninja Púrpura”, GogoGirl, Ball-de-HoTers, my mother (this time as a public though), make up, eye lashes & glitter. New songs, remade ones, and some little suprises… AND XUPRI XUPRI!!!

You don’t know where is the Hotel? Here: Hotel Segles. C/Santanyí, 4. Campos

Concerts Music OtM mix

Do you want to see the cover?

català english español

CiberSheep – On the Mountain Remixes

Tomorrow is the big day: Tomorrow we play at Tunnel. We will bring som many things and we have to thank to so many people.

But first we wanted to show you the cover of the digital disc we are going to give away tomorrow for free. This one, is this one.

At the gig, we are going to play new songs, some remade ones and new visuals.

Wi will have wired masks by the circuit bending freak Diedac (aka The Clone).

A flokloric house song danced in a modern traditional way by Cris & Paco.

Our special guest will be Dafne Wild that will make a “short” performance.

New make up (only one though because of the lack of time. Sorry), thanks to MJ Works.

And also we want to thank to Tunnel Palma (of course), Lust (that let us record some images at their boutique. You will see tomorrow), Androver Fotos that made a fantastic pictures for this event, Sopas Mallorquinas, 40putes, Yayo Álvarez and RAC for their words…

Are you ready for tomorrow??


CiberSheep live. 5 days left

CiberSheep @ Tunnel. 28/6

What else we can tell you that we didn’t already told you. We will give away digital copies of the remixes, we’ll bring masks for you to wear, we’ll dance, sing and play some new songs.

Afterwards, party will continue at Tunnel: Hawaiian Rockers, that is going to be just great (if you come dressed accordingly you will get a 10 free shots coupon)