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CiberSheep – On the Mountain Remixes

Tomorrow is the big day: Tomorrow we play at Tunnel. We will bring som many things and we have to thank to so many people.

But first we wanted to show you the cover of the digital disc we are going to give away tomorrow for free. This one, is this one.

At the gig, we are going to play new songs, some remade ones and new visuals.

Wi will have wired masks by the circuit bending freak Diedac (aka The Clone).

A flokloric house song danced in a modern traditional way by Cris & Paco.

Our special guest will be Dafne Wild that will make a “short” performance.

New make up (only one though because of the lack of time. Sorry), thanks to MJ Works.

And also we want to thank to Tunnel Palma (of course), Lust (that let us record some images at their boutique. You will see tomorrow), Androver Fotos that made a fantastic pictures for this event, Sopas Mallorquinas, 40putes, Yayo Álvarez and RAC for their words…

Are you ready for tomorrow??

OtM mix

G4TE remix (time warp)

Like you can read at 40putes, next friday 28th, we are going to present On the Mountain remixes dic. One of wich is a remix sent by G4TE and made by DJ Flash Mobster (it was already publiched but to keep all in one place and because some of the links were broken) we again post it here.

G4TE – On the Mountain 2011 rmx


OtM mix

New material OtM2011

This, is the most experimental remix that we received (conteining any of our samples)
Interesting, very interesting.

Droid Blues part 1 intro
Droid Blues part 2 main mix
Droid Blues part 3 unit jb110E

Music OtM mix

We have received the second remix

We are delighted. We are receiving more and more mixes.
This one, comes from Raffrack.

Music OtM mix

We have received the first remix

By Moscow School