CiberSheep @ 7th anniversary of Velvetine Collective

Saturday 8th CiberSheep will play at the Col·lectiu Velvetine seventh anniversary.

What we will do on this gig? How will we dress? Wich songs will we play? Ah, you’ll have to come over.

CiberSheep | Ninja PúrpuraNinja Púrpura


What we can say is that we will play some new covers, we will dance, xupri xupri and we wil have japanese people, lots of japanese people.

CiberSheep | Balladors de HoTa

Cibersheep | Nou Gogo-sán

Gogo-girl, Ninja Púrpura, HoTeros, CiberSheep Vermell, masks, kimonos, guitars.
We will bring t-shirts, discs and bags. All the officila merchandising.

Get all information at the facebook event.

cibersheep al concert de Velvetine