Aman Nòlem

Writer of scifi novellas and series

Who is Aman Nòlem?

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Aman Nòlem is the writing pseudonym of Joan CiberSheep.

Imagining the Future

One of Nòlem’s obsessions is the far future, full of opportunities and not yet discovered creatures. AI, sentient robots and deep space.

What to Read

Latest writing experiment is called Venonta Vivo. Each week a new chapter is released. The subject of the week’s chapter would be the option with most votes on the correspondent week’s poll.

Venonta Vivo (català)

Venonta Vivo (English)

More info about Venonta Vivo

Where to read

All texts are published at Aixeta. Most of the stories are free to read and some are accessible only to subscribers (you can donate monthly or once).

Other Reading

Checkout Other Publications for more short stories and magazines.