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Moixa Mental

Moixa Mental is an online magazine created by the creative action collective of the same name, formed by members of different artistic backgrounds: Narrative, poetry, illustration and photography.

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On social media and website: https://moixamental.cat/

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After collaborating with Blan P, the new project to work on is the digital publication called Cerebreco. Monthly eZine published between the years 2020 and 2021. Available to be purchased on paper at Lulu: https://bit.ly/crbrc00

Cerebreco 00 on paper
Paperback edition of Cerebreco issues 2020-2021

Cerebreco is a collection of art, humor, novella, illustration and essay made from the island. E-zine that shows a neo-Mallorcan point of view of the world.

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Finished Novellas

Among the finished short stories, you can find these:

Experiment 0 (sci-fi)

A central computer, a dystopian future, what is happening?

Revised digital edition now available on Lulu, Lektu and Amazon

Llesques de vida cover. Illustration: Mistress Perenque

Llesques de vida (realist)

Short story that talks, with an indiscreet look, about the course of the daily events of the lives of a couple of ciutadans.

Revised digital edition now available on Lulu, Lektu and Amazon.

Krarínia (sci-fi)

Reflections at a critical moment.

Adéu (sci-fi)

Micro-story for the Aixeta Traditional Proverbs contest.

Novellas in process

Voltant per ses estrelles (sci-fi)

What if Star Trek had been created in Mallorca?

Venonta Vivo (sci-fi)

Participatory weekly story. Vote for what you want to happen in each chapter.