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CiberSheep @ Hotel Segles

Friday August the 1st. Hotel Segles C/Santanyí, 4. Campos. ArtNit Facebook Event This year we’re going to have everything and even more. Gogogirls, Dra. Pink Poison, Shade (controlilng everything from the shadows), Xupri Xupri and our Ninja Púrpura. Music, performance, videos, choreographies and so many Chinese anf Japanese that you will not believe it.


Year: 2011 Recording: 1996-2011 Nau 2011 | CS2011A01 Compilation. Past, present and future songs. Buy the CD | Listen to it at Bandcamp Replay> by CiberSheep As always we introduce you a project that needs a bit of explanation. Why? Because a future compilation is something that you don’t normally find. What is in Replay>? […]