CiberSheep will play at Hotel Segles tomorrow at 10pm.



CiberSheep @ Hotel Segles

Friday August the 1st. Hotel Segles C/Santanyí, 4. Campos. ArtNit
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This year we’re going to have everything and even more.
Gogogirls, Dra. Pink Poison, Shade (controlilng everything from the shadows), Xupri Xupri and our Ninja Púrpura. Music, performance, videos, choreographies and so many Chinese anf Japanese that you will not believe it.



Still up

THANKS, in capitals, to everyone that particapted at culturaclub to Colectivo Velvetine’s anniversary.

We got impressed. Here some pictures (thanks to Harajuku Kids and MJ Works)



Year: 2011
Recording: 1996-2011
Nau 2011 | CS2011A01

Compilation. Past, present and future songs.
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As always we introduce you a project that needs a bit of explanation. Why? Because a future compilation is something that you don’t normally find.
What is in Replay>? A selection of 18 songs: some from 10 years ago, some that are still unreleased.

Here you are a list of track and a brief explanation.

01 スベルシープ (2011)
The latest introduction

02 Zombie Zombie (2009)
OST from Mallorca Zombie

03 Viatge a l’exterior (a) (2005)
From Simplement Complicat

04 I Hate (RMX) (2009)
New. Remix of a demo that has never been published

05 Move It’ (2011)
Retouch. New leading voice that makes this song our new anthem

06 Mi novia es un diablo (CS06) (2006)
From Simplement Complicat (Ed. Especial). Part of OST of Te presento a mi familia

07 Visió interna (2005)
From Simplement Complicat

08 Feed Me (2010)
Impressive. The most dancy that we have made (until now). First played @ Es Baluard and @ RVT London.

09 Don’t Stop (2.0) (2011)
New. We have re-structured this classic from our gigs.

10 A dins d’un cub (RMX09) (2009)
Remix. Original version was a bit dark. Now lights gets more place

11 MN06 Actitud (III) (2011)
New. Third part of the song that will probably replace On the Mountain saga (that recetly reached version 11th)

12 HOTA (House Jota) (2011)
New. Remix of a Majorquin tradicional song. We wanted to make something like this since long time ago. Majorquin folk meats house. Next step, arrive to dance floors.

13 Nit i suor (2001)
From Voramar. A very far, far time, more electronic. Interesting.

14 Llum humà (2002)
From Som aquí. A document from our vision of the night world.

15 A s’espai (200?)
Our first website had some secret contents. The easiest to find was this audio “copypesting” from a phone answering machine.

16 Dune (demo) (2005)
One of the doomed songs. We live it but never came to a perfect form (and this is the third try)

17 MN06 Actitud (I) (2003)
Crême de la crême. First version of this icon: Actitud.

18 The Chain (2002)
From Nascut Again. Little jewel that has gone for some version to reach this one.


Velvetine Anniversary

We kept it secret, but as a good secret.
Seventh anniversay of the colective Velvetine. 8th of March.

Announce at 40 putes